Remembering Now

In the secret hours of my existence,

I dance inside a world of words.


Every year my body ages,

My mind becomes more alive, wilder.


I am an ancient banyan tree,

Growing in reverse toward the seed that dropped

from Magdalena’s hands on her long journey to the free side.


Remembering now,

the counting midnights

and the shower cries that left me damp with regret.


Remembering now,

The rusty bicycle

Heaped over on top of itself,

Letting the wintery weeds devour the hope of a summer ride.


Remembering now,

Your love

Tossing pangs into my heart

with the hopeful indifference of a twelve-year-old

throwing petals from her does-he-love-me flower.


Remembering now,

The soft silence that invites me into the next day

Promising nothing and telling me that is enough.