America, you give me the ripping ache I used to think was love,


You strip my eyes from their glowing twinkle

and throw them down to the concrete earth,

stomping to the pulse of a drumbeat


the drumbeat you listened to while fighting your wars,

those stampedes of ego that tore everything beautiful to pieces,

left broken hearts screaming, leaving America


The cold blood we threw across this land is more dreadful than the shadows

of death that wake us up from midnight horrors


Under the moon, America, there is nowhere for you to hide


Now the moon, she has lassoed us with her meteor arms,

she is ready to toss us against the blazing sun

and watch us burn, until we learn


America, every day I sit with the pain of my privilege, blonde hair and blue eyes,

that breed from the sick masters of our society

Snorting their utopia through fat nostrils filled with dusty ideas of change

Those proud stripes that wish to make us strong,

have become a prison we smile sickly from.


And, us, the uppity white sisters, why do we you grab our purse and our child

when a black man walks by? He is our father, our brother, he is the source

of our existence, our arrogant persistence is what divides us.


U.S., you give me the ripping ache I used to think was love


Now! Look at our heated lungs filled with cold over-air-conditioned air

in these manic metal buildings that drain the life from our sad sallow skin,

and, yet, within, we are all free


Now! The Flying Banshees and the wild women dance outside your window,

planting trees and slowly picking away at your steel castle.


Because, under the America, there is nowhere for us to hide.


photograph by Stephen Freskos