Striding toward him with a grin, she waves –
that spicy and wiggling lady – flattering her fingers in the air.

She, triumph and joy, he solid rolling silence,
they reach each other under the hot sun.

She, freckled with want, he taut with desire,
they join for a night to release that strong grip.

With a kind, stern knowing in his forearms, he holds on to her hips.
She arches her back, her arms outstretch in complete forgiveness of her own ecstasy.

Their eyes lock, their souls slam together.
An explosion of sweat, skin, and cum –
They become one breathing beast.

She, tainted by faith, he, exhausted from hope, they come together for the use of one another,
to tear open their fears, and crash sweetly toward unfinished dreams.



erotic sketch by Picasso