Laugh with me!

At our perpetual transgressions of love.

Now grab a chance to exhale,
Let the breath fall out of your lungs so that your heart has room again to breath.

Does this invite you,
Oh Great Mother,
To enjoy the arm chair listening that you have always wanted?

I will tell what I can,
And leave the rest to the writing hearts that play in silence.

It is odd how life is sometimes an easy current toward self destruction;
It is in these moments that we can swim upstream for creativity and love.

We are clear and strong against the brown beaten sky,
Smoke and sigh all around.

Even when there is so much dark at night,
The light from our eyes gets tangled with the stars.

With the courtesans of your mind, weave these thoughts into rough rugs of dirt and thread,
And forget the frustrations of the controlled and contained.

These are the teachings of things unspeaking.

Gratitude is fierce.



photograph by Sequoia Emmanuelle