There is always enough breath to fill your lungs and sing out loud.

There is never enough room inside to hold it all in.

So go out,
get silent,
discover for yourself.

There is a time when mistake makes sense, failure is a gift,
The law is broken and the break creates freedom for everyone.

There is a place where sex asks a question we all want answered:
“Do you love me?”
We are all chosen, none will be left behind.

There is a place that turns inside out the colors of the rainbow,
grows pale the bright contrast,
and leaves mute all range of feeling.
It is here that silence reigns.

There is a place that harnesses the red that burns deep
and holds this heat with its own flame.
Do not let others cool the fire of your right to burn.

There is a time when writing dissolves meaning,
when speaking forgets language,
and the moment of communication is forgotten.

There are those who  wish to stay and return again and again, and those who drop to their knees and request the Great Mother to take them home.

There is a place that wanders too much
and following it would make the wild dizzy and the tame too still.
go there with me, alone.



painting by #mishmoshpoetryandart, Atticus Singingbird